We use 18mm (thick) factory built rigid MFC carcasses, it doesn't get much better than this. Thick edging for durability, rigidity for stability and strength and best of all, can be colour matched to your doors. We only fit the highest quality kitchens.

Yes - lots! We are always happy to refer you to previous customers or show you images of past installations. Just ask.

We only require 1/3 on confirmation, 1/3 on project start and the final 1/3 when complete and you are satisfied with your finished kitchen.

A whole range from modern handle-less to traditional real wood in-frame, from trusted suppliers who enable us to provide excellent quality kitchens at reasonable prices.

It's quite possible our quotation might surprise you, often competing favourably with the high street. Challenge us!

On average, our kitchens cost between £8k-£16k, not 3k, not 40k. (Although a large, premium 1909 kitchen could cost £40k+)

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